I was impressed by the theatre of the experience. There was no holding back as Rob enthusiastically demonstrated ghastly murders and terrified mortals.”
Alice Wright, The Argus

Everyone really loved the show – great fun. I will be arranging another group outing very soon.”

City Socialising

The Ghost Walk in the Lanes is one of those walking tours that delights the residents of Brighton and Hove as much as the visitors and tourists. I like to take my chums out on this tour when they come down to visit from other parts of the country because it shows the scandalous and light-hearted side of our City by The Sea.”

Brighton resident

I have been fortunate enough to have gone on walk a number of times. This was a very inexpensive and fun night out. Rob is a brilliant tour guide, acting superbly to make everything seem that much more spooky and real.”

Felix, Brighton

Rob was courteous in person and very funny in his role as Silas. We were also given a lot of local history, most of which even I didn’t know, so there was an educational element too.”

Joseph, Brighton

It was really good fun for all ages.”

Ann Brighton

I would definitely recommend this walk and definitely recommend trying the fisherman’s friends at the Northern Lights Pub.”

Sharon, Gillingham

I would heartily recommend this for fans of local history and ghostly stories.”

Edmund, Brighton

I had an absolutely amazing time. Our guide Rob was incredibly funny, and the stories were so interesting. You certainly learn a lot about a city you thought you knew well. I am going again at the end of this week, can’t wait!! I would recommend this walk to everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!


A wonderfully over the top experience with all the theatrics you’d expect from such a tour, enjoyed it no end :)”

Miggy Man, Enfield

My bride to be hired this jolly fellow as an additional part of our wedding and I am glad she did. It was fun informative good old fashioned entertainment and all our wedding guests were thrilled…
We had a blast. Thank you, sir!

Mottbug, Reading

I’ve been on other Brighton walks but the Ghost Walk of the Lanes I have been on several times with friends and family who’ve come to visit in Brighton. It’s really fun and engaging for all ages (my sisters kids were thoroughly entertained). Definitely one of the best things to do in Brighton.”


This is so much fun – our guide was amusing and informative and very much a character from the past.”

Eyejewels, Brighton

We went on this to kill some time and really enjoyed it, the guy was really interesting and theatrical which made it good!! This is well worth it if you have an interest in ghosts and history!


This walk was such fun. Our guide Rob was very theatrical and funny. We had a few kids in our group and you know how short there attention spans are. He paid extra attention in helping them stay focused and involved.”

Amanda, London

Been on a ghost walk in York but wanted to see Brighton’s. It was great! The history was great and our guide Jasper was awesome! Wonderful history and facts about Brighton. I would recommend this tour.”

Movie Girl, Manchester

A great concept and all so very dramatic. Especially good on a cold winter night. Actors are totally convincing. The atmosphere is really good on these walks and a good way to end a great day in Brighton.”

Brighton resident

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